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Jennifer is an Occupational Therapist and CAT Practitioner. She specialised in utilising creative modalities along with traditional talking therapies when working with people in the therapeutic counselling setting such as using art, craft, movement and writing. Jennifer has 20 years clinical experience working within a diverse range of clinical settings both in Australia and in Europe and is passionate about early intervention mental health. Jennifer works both in private practice and holds an academic position at Australian Catholic University (ACU) where she is engaged in researching the benefits of integrating yoga and psychotherapy. Jennifer has previously held consulting roles working closely with government, health and not for profit organisations providing professional development and capacity building programs. She has extensive experience presenting at conferences, training and within her current role at ACU


Christina specialises in therapeutic yoga for anxiety and depression, alongside yoga psychology. Her classes incorporate mindful breathing synchronised with movement. Her interest in yoga grew after 15 years of working in the overseas non-profit sector. The practice helped her own recovery from burnout, anxiety and depression. She learnt a range of self care skills for her body and mind that she then wanted to share. In 2012 she committed to training as a yoga therapist and studies primarily with Svastha Yoga and Ayurveda www.svastha.net.

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