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Embodied Social Change

The Science of Yoga and Social Change; Is Yoga linked to Social Change: the science says yes! Can we use the teachings of yoga to improve our culture, our society, the way we interact with each other and our planet? If we embody the essence of our practice does this embodiment support social change? ie....

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The benefits of breath centered yoga: calm, steady, transform

Why are yoga and meditation people always on about breathing? “We already breathe” I hear people say, so why all the fuss? Firstly, the breath is a wonderful tool for minding our mind; and secondly, a breath-based yoga practice positively impacts our psychophysiology (the relationship between our mind and body), and supports our optimal health....

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Optimal Mental Health and the Importance of the Body

Reflections on the International Cognitive Analytical Therapy (ICATA) conference  Yoga for Mental Health has just returned from presenting our work in Ferrara, Italy. Psychotherapist Jen O’Brien had the pleasure of sharing our integrated approach at the International Cognitive Analytical Therapy (ICATA) conference to yoga and psychotherapy practitioners from all over Europe. The presentation entitled “Relational...

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Yoga for mental health self care

Yoga and Self Care Yoga is essentially self care. Practising regularly brings steadiness, clarity and insight. Across the world people are taking up yoga in various forms. Mostly in group classes. The way yoga is promoted is often perplexing. It is commonly promoted as a way to become super fit, or as an esoteric exercise....

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