Our Approach

We are Melbourne based practitioners living and working in the inner west and inner north.
Jennifer is a psychotherapist and Christina is a therapeutic yoga teacher. We met over a latte
(as you do in Melbourne!) while both working as consultants in the non-profit sector. We soon
put on our other ‘hats’ and this approach was born.

This unique program integrates psychotherapy and yoga. Each workshop aims to facilitate a safe
environment in which clients are supported to develop holistic self care strategies that support
embodiment and release of unhelpful patterns.

Classical yoga practices and psychology are integrated with western psychotherapy and science.
The aim is for clients to learn how to use yoga practices to better ‘mind their mind’
in daily life.

We all use the word stress, to the point where it has become not just a problem that people acknowledge but almost a lifestyle. In some ways it is a badge of honour that if you aren’t stressed you aren’t working hard enough. But on the other hand, people also realise this is a real health issue”.
Dr. Ganesh Mohan

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