Yoga for helping professionals – Six week course

Are you ready for a calmer state of mind to become a more stable part of your day to day experience?

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Most of us in the helping professions are familiar with the demands of complex clients, team, organisational and systemic stressors. The complexity of these demands can evoke powerful emotional reactions such as feeling overwhelmed and stressed and can impact on our wellbeing. This in turn makes it even more difficult to provide the quality services that we strive to provide for our clients. We know that building and maintaining our ‘professional resilience and self care’ has benefits for our wellbeing, managing workplace stress, reducing staff turnover and our professional performance. It involves not only self care practices but building skills such as reflective capacity, emotional awareness and intelligence.

Are you ready for a calmer state of mind to become a more stable part of your day to day experience?

This unique evidence-based six week course integrates psychotherapy and yoga. The overall aim of integrating yoga with your current therapy is to learn how to improve your health using breath, movement and mindfulness practices. This six week course will provide you with the opportunity to learn yoga practices to manage your wellbeing which can be used both at home and at work. Participants have noted that it has not only helped them with their own wellbeing but they have been able to utilise the skills that they have learnt within the services they provide for their clients.

Learn how to use yoga practices to better ‘mind your mind’ in daily life.

Facilitated by psychotherapist Jennifer O’Brien and therapeutic yoga teacher Christina Browning.

Group sessions help each participant to increase their understanding of helpful and unhelpful patterns, so that they are more able to engage in the patterns that are helpful and improve their quality of life. The group aspect also provides a supportive environment where we engage in useful yoga practices and then reflect on how to integrate these day to day.

Max 10 participants.

No prior Yoga experience is required. Yoga sessions are focused on breath and integrating psychological practices and therefore physical poses are gentle and accessible for all.

Aims of the course:

  • To develop a foundational understanding of yoga psychology and how traditional yoga practices of breath, movement and mindfulness can improve your mental health
  • Explore how these practices (breath, movement and yogic mindfulness) can be tailored to your individual needs
  • Reflect, understand and experience how engaging in these health practices and patterns can improve your mental health

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