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Yoga for mental health – Six week course

Over the course of six weeks, a small group engages in a complete mind/body experience that allows each individual to develop personalised self-care strategies to improve their mental health.
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Yoga for mental health – tailored course

This unique evidence-based six week course integrates psychotherapy and yoga. The overall aim of integrating yoga is to learn how to improve your health using breath, movement and mindfulness practices. Learn how to use yoga practices to better ‘mind your mind’ in daily life.
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Yoga for helping professionals – Six week course

Most of us in the helping professions are familiar with the demands of complex clients, team, organisational and systemic stressors. The complexity of these demands can evoke powerful emotional reactions such as feeling overwhelmed and stressed and can impact on our wellbeing.
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Private therapeutic yoga and psychotherapy sessions

We also offer private therapeutic yoga and psychotherapy sessions.

For therapeutic yoga contact Chris: yourmentalhealthyoga@gmail.com
For psychotherapy contact Jen: yourmentalhealthyoga@gmail.com


International Cognitive Analytical Therapy Conference. Ferrara, Italy June 2019.
Movement and Breath for Anxiety: Collaborating to develop CAT based interventions to reduce anxiety


  • Australia and New Zealand Cognitive Analytical Therapy Conference – Melbourne. Australia 2018. Integrating Psychotherapy and Yoga
  • InDialogue – Yoga for Mental Health 6 Week Course. Brunswick, Melbourne 2019.

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To find out more about our upcoming courses, or to explore offering one at your workplace

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